Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Raja Isa Bring Sponsors For PSMS Medan

Eutag will provide the match costumes, shoes, decker, socks and other supplies for PSMS squad.

Head Coach Commitment PSMS, Raja Isa to bring the product in the form of apparel sponsor for his team realized, Wednesday (23/11). A British manufacturer of jersey Eutag manufacturing in Malaysia, an official sponsor for the season 2011/12 PSMS.

King Isa said it was holding apparel sponsor to be given to PSMS Medan. Sponsorship deal with PSMS done in Swissbell Hotel, Wednesday (23/11). Sponsor representatives attended by Razali, while Chicken Kinantan-nickname PSMS, represented by Benny Tomasoa, Iswanda Nanda Ramli and Fityan Hamdy.

In the deal, Eutag will provide the match costumes, shoes, decker, socks and other supplies for PSMS squad.

"Apparel is an official team. Sponsors pledged to accommodate the needs of the team. To match the triangle (opposite Persija and Sriwijaya in Jakarta 27-29 November) later, they will also prepare the green team's jersey," said Hamdy Fityan.

Former Sektim PSMS describes the current season costume for a triangular tournament citizens of color are not appropriate characteristic dark green PSMS. Jersey early yellow green color blends Mudan.

"It's not like the green color of hope PSMS, but for the official match will be different. At present, the color is not perfect, because the sponsor had only two days prior to departure to prepare the team needs a team to Jakarta," he explained.

Sponsor Jersey also stocks to accommodate, the product can be sold to the public and will be a revenue team. "They (sponsors) who also prepared the jersey they have for sale. Just like the players wear PSMS, but do not have numbers and names for 39 ringgit (approximately Rp120 thousand) every single outfit," he explained.

Meanwhile, the intention of Raja Isa to bring the club into Malaysia for trials against PSMS Medan have also been getting a response from Perak Football Association (FA) which has memgirimkan electronic mail (e-mail) through the technical implementation PSMS Fityan Hamdy received o'clock Wednesday afternoon at 12:41 hrs.

The letter was delivered by representatives of Perak FA signed Bobby. Mentioned, it attach a written request from the Union Bolasepak Silver (PAFA) to hold a friendly match in Medan, Indonesia starting on December 19 to 25 next. This game was held, when not undergoing scheduled PSMS Super League matches in Indonesia.

The next letter also came from marked Izam to talk about Indonesia as a friendly match in preparation for the upcoming 20,112-Malaysian League in December.

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