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Two Players Agree Mitra Kukar Select ISL

Supporters are also considerations Mitra Kukar choose to play in ISL.

Mitra Kukar Hamka Hamzah star seems to be one of management's primary considerations Mitra Kukar choose competition Indonesia Super League (ISL). Partner Manager Ronni Fauzan Kukar said he discussed with Mitra Kukar's captain. Hamka said if asked to choose, he would be anchored to the ISL.

"We would not choose wrong. Choices made ​​will impact the future and team games. The quality of the teams in the ISL become a major consideration," said Ronni.

Ronni said, greeting Hamka a point. He wanted to see the quality of the establishment of a competition team that actually contains the club qualified.
Not only ask for the opinion of the stars in the front lines, he also asked the opinion of Marcus Bent. Yes, Marcus Bent, the England striker who brought in new management that Mekes Dragon. And, the answer from Marcus Bent really make management more stable following the ISL.

"In fact, Marcus Bent who had started the season in Indonesia suggested that Mitra Kukar play in ISL," said Ronni.Roni also filter out the opinion of the Partner Mania. Sound in a variety of supporters, but the majority wanted to see clubs pride they compete in the ISL.

"We're capturing the input of many parties. The voice of the fans to be the main consideration," said Ronni. Mitra Kukar will start the journey in the ISL with the face of the host PSMS Medan, Sunday, December 4, 2011.

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LIPIO CAMP 2011 Net 8 Player of the Year

The selected players will be in foster care the Indonesian Embassy in Spain.

LIPIO CAMP 2011 as the last series of activities U-15 League of Education 2010-11 season has netted eight best players. Four of them will be given the opportunity to gain knowledge in the Real Madrid club members.

LIPIO CAMP 2011 was held at the Field Buperta, Cibubur since 31 October to 6 November 2011. This activity was followed 96 children. Indonesia national coach U-16, Indra Syafri, then choose the best eight talented players.

Furthermore, eight of these players will enter a period of preparation in Semarang that began in December 2011 to May 2012. "They passed the test engineering, physical, tactical, mental," said Indra in Senayan, Thursday, November 24, 2011.

During the preparation period, all eight players will be reduced to four best players. Those selected will have the opportunity to gain knowledge in one of the member club Real Madrid in Spain began in May 2012.
All four will be a "foster child" in the Spanish Embassy. In addition to football training, the four also completed formal education at the high school there.

Here are 8 top ranking talent LIPIO CAMP 2011:
1. M. Dimas Drajad (SMPN 3 Gresik)
2. Candra Dwi Riskamana (SMP 4 Semarang)
3. Thomas Kristianda (SMP 4 Semarang)
4. Ronaldo Lolombulan (SMP 13 Yogyakarta)
5. Carli Xaronika (SMP 1 Selo Kampar - Riau)
6. Aldo Claudio (SMPN 223 Jakarta)
7. M. Ilham F (SMP 16 Jakarta)
8. TM. Ichsan (SMPN 1 Peusangan - Aceh)

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Pelita Bend, Black Pearl Persisam Challenge

Since the whistle sounded, View events directly attacking defense Pelita Jaya.

View events made ​​it to final of Inter Island Cup (IIC) in 2011, after arrested Pelita Jaya 2-0 at Mandala Stadium, Thursday, November 24, 2011. In the final round, Roma will face Persisam previously Samarinda rid Persela Lamongan.

Since the whistle sounded, the Black Pearl team directly attacking defense Pelita Jaya. Relying duet Boaz Salossa and Beto Goncalves, Roma continued to press the opponent from all sides.

In 20 minutes early, there are two excellent opportunities to get Beto. Unfortunately, the execution of players 30 years did not meet the target.

However, Roma did not give up. The team made ​​Jacksen F. Tiago kept trying and eventually broke the deadlock they are also in the 24th minute. Escaped the offside trap, Boaz easily opened fire gastric Pelita goalkeeper. 1-0 to the Black Pearl.

Three minutes before halftime, Roma re-doubled their lead. From the left side, Zah Rahan flat release bait into the goal mouth directly into the net disontek Beto Pelita. Score finished 2-0.

In the second half, Pelita tried to respond by relying duo Greg Nwokolo and Mohd Safee Mohd Sali. Some good opportunities were created. Greg's death off a free kick in the 57th minute. However, his efforts were just hit the crossbar.

Interval of 11 minutes, turn the show off Safee Sali. Malaysia's National Team Striker ball cooked in the penalty box. However, Jae-Hoon Yoo goalkeeper reacted quickly and successfully dismissed.

Until the final whistle sounded, Pelita try to continue to attack, but their efforts failed to reap success.

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Joining the duo national team, Semen Padang Ready to face Persibo

The presence of two pillars "Garuda Youth", it reinforced the belief "Kabau Sirah" to jump on the competition Prima Liga Indonesia (LPI).

Semen Padang two players who recently completed duty to defend U-23 national team in the event the SEA Games, Ferdinand Alfred Sinaga and Abdul Rahman, Thursday afternoon arrived in Padang and joined his colleagues in the team Semen Padang FC. In the afternoon, both directly menngikuti practice session with Ellie Aiboy cs., In the Field Cubadak, Indarung Padang.

The presence of two pillars "Garuda Youth", it reinforced the belief "Kabau Sirah" to jump on the competition Prima Liga Indonesia (LPI), where on Sunday (27/11) Semen Padang will entertain at the Stadium Persibo Bojonegoro H. Agus Salim Padang.

Director of PT. Kabau Sirah Semen Padang (KSSP), Erizal Anwar confirmed that both players had joined his colleagues in Semen Padang. "Yes, Abul Rahman first arrived in Padang at around 9:30, followed by Ferdinand afternoon. They also have undergone training this afternoon," said Erizal Anwar, who was contacted Indonesia, were watching the practice sessions.

Joining the two players are expected to be a starter in every match squad Maizar Nile, the course will further complement the strength of Semen Padang. "Our hope joining the two new players this season, certainly bind us can add to our strength. Moreover, both are players who are ready to coach the team down," added Erizal.

While the Nile Maizar coach said his team is now primed and ready to play the game against Persibo. Although it claimed not to know in detail the strength of potential adversaries, the Nile remains wary of the team from East Java's. When in the Superliga and SP did not have time to try out the memebelot Persibo Indonesia to the Premier League. "In principle we are ready, we arrange training programs for this game went according to our wishes. We just implemented it in the field later." Nile said.

The coach who brought the SP finished fourth last season's Super League admitted not affected by the issue of competition dualism still not finished. "We focus mungurus team and technical problems only, others let the acts of management." Nile said.

Persibo itself, scheduled for Friday afternoon will arrive in Padang. The team nicknamed "Warriors of Angling Dharma" which is now dibesut foreign coach, Paulo Camargo is scheduled until around 15:30 pm.

Media officer Panpel SP cage match, Ronny said, while in Padang Samsul Arif et al., Will stay at the Hotel Mother. "From the information Persibo team managers, they set off on Friday 14.00 pm. They claim to bring 18 players," said Ronny.

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3 Players U-23 National Team Ready 'excommunicated' PSSI

"I know the risks. But I could not leave Persija," Hashim Kipuw.

Three retainer U-23 squad who became a hero SEA Games XXVI, Andritany Adhyaksa, Hasim Kipuw, and Ramdani Lestaluhu expressed his attitude to keep playing in the competition Indonesia Super League (ISL) 2011-12. All three will be diving competition with the club who raised them, Paul Ferry Persija version.

Although strongly opposed PSSI ISL know, but all three compact chose to take risks by remaining competing in ISL. Ramdani Lestaluhu said, would be sad because despite claims could no longer defend the national team, but his decision to continue support for Persija was unanimous.

"It must be sad if it should be removed from the national team because of problems like this. But this is the consequence. I want to defend Persija. Anyone want to defend the national team. Defending the nation and country. I also wanted to like it actually," said Ramdani in Persija soft launching ceremony on Thursday 24 November 2011.

The decision of three U-23 national team players are to remain competitive in the ISL recognized Hasim Kipuw will make them a career move into the senior national team will meet with obstacles. Moreover, PSSI has installed signs, banning players who competed in the national team squad ISL.

"I know the risks. But I can not leave this Persija. I grew up in amateur team Persija. I also always want to look for Persija," explains Kipuw.

Goalkeeper, Andritany Adhyaksa added, their desire to remain in Persija could not be separated from the love of three players to the club is owned by Paul Ferry. According to him, Persija which is the capital city club great had been instrumental in elevating their football careers.

"I own a large of Persija. Persija Growing up in amateur football. When I was able to do in football, of course I want to do for Persija. I do not regret it later if there is a risk that must be borne as I did major in Persija," he said.

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Ready to Carve Persija Achievement in ISL

Persija was made to compete in the Indonesian Super League (ISL) 2011-2012. The club is nicknamed "Tiger Kemayoran" is hoping to provide to the citizens of Jakarta boast achievement this season.

"We also chose the tag line The Jakarta One. Tagline This means no other Persija outside Persija," said Chairman Persijja Jakarta, Paul Ferry, in a soft launching ceremony Persija in FX Cafe, Jakarta, Thursday (11/24/2011) .

Ferry asserted, nothing else except Persija Persija lead. This is a response to the claims of PSSI that Persija choose to compete in the Indonesian Premier League (IPL).

"Persija do not feel there is dualism. But there's a claim no other Persija. If PSSI do styles like this it will be shattered. That decision was wrong. It's not coming from us, but from PSSI," he said.

Similar conveyed Chairman of The Jakmania, Larico Ranggamone. Jakmania as Persija supporter, said Larico, which only supports Persija dikapteni by Bambang Pamungkas.He also dismissed that The Jakmania split.

"Until this moment, The Jakmania not broken. We only support the existing Persija Bambang Pamungkas. So I brushed off the Jakmania rupture. We do not change course. I beg Jakmania not provoked by anyone because many who want to divide us," beber Larico .

Persija itself has done a very mature preparations ahead of the passing of ISL on 1 December. Persija has officially signed 29 players. Of the 17 existing local players, five of which players U-23 national team that won the silver medal at the SEA Games XXVI. The five players are Ramdani Lestaluhu, Hasim Kipuw, Johan Juansyah, Andritany Ardhiyasa, and AA Ngurah Rev. T.

Here's Roster Persija ISL 2011-2012 season:

Galih Sudarsono (1), Emuerjeraye Precious (2), Soleman Lubis (3), Fahreza Religion (4), Abdul Tommy (6), Ramdani Lestaluhu (7), Rudi Setiawan (9), Robertino Pugliara (10), Alan Martha (11), Hasim Kipuw (13), Ismed Sofyan (14), Fabiano Beltrame (15), Delton Stevano Wohon (17), Octovianus (18), Johan Juansyah (19), Bambang Pamungkas (20), A Marzukuh (21 ), Good Djiwo Noor Cahyo (22), Leo Saputra Jacobs (23), I Wayan Mudaha Ganga (24), Pedro Javier (25), Andritany Ardhiyasa (26), Rachmat Affandi (27), AA Ngurah Revelation T (28), Adixi Lenzivio (29), Saronih (35), Ahmad Ihwan (42), Arif Dwi Wicaksono (90)

Coaches and officials Persija:

Iwan Setiawan, Sudirman, Miftahudin, Haryono, Dr. Tri Wahyudi Nanang, Agus Sugeng Riyanto, Umar Bowi, Amudi Saripudin, Mohammad Mansyur

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Win Penalty Shootout, Persisam to the Final

Great substitute goalkeeper Prasetyo become a hero for thwarting three Persela penalty.

Persisam Putra Samarinda ensure themselves into the final pre-season event, Inter Island Cup (IIC) 2011. They managed to beat Persela Lamongan in semifinal duel at the Mandala Stadium Jayapura, by a shootout that bekesudahan with a score of 3-1, Thursday, November 24, 2011.

In the first half Persisam appear more dominant. They controlled the ball more than the opponent's stronghold. A number of opportunities could be created, but unfortunately none of which can be converted into goals by the front row of the club nicknamed Eagle Borneo.
Meanwhile, Persela that continues to come under pressure to rely only on counterattacks.Until halftime score 0-0 still persist.

In the second half, both Persela Persisam equally well take the initiative to attack. One of those opportunities Persisam achieved on 58 minutes, unfortunately, hard kick Srdan Lopici still be ignored by the goalkeeper, Choirul Huda.

Persela who play more loose in the second half is capable of turning threatened by Zainal Arifin. Players numbered it back 2 kick off speculation from outside the penalty box, but can still be blocked by the goalkeeper, Usman Private.

Misfortune befall Persisam in the 70th minute. They were forced to play with 10 men because defender, Luc Owana ZOA, was sent off by referee Suharto after the incident involved with Gustavo Lopez.

Superior number of players, Persela turns dominating the game. Attack after attack continued to flow into the area of ​​defense Persisam. But none of these efforts to foster children Miroslav Janu that produce concrete results until the second round is completed.

The game then continued with penalties. Persisam coach's decision, substitute goalkeeper Daniel Roekito Usman Prasetyo Supreme Person with very precise. He came out as the hero of the victory because it managed to thwart the execution of three players Persela, Gustavo Lopez, Gerry Setya and Zainal Arifin. The match eventually won by Persisam with a score of 3-1.

The composition of players:
Persela - 1. Choirul Huda, 17. Danu Rosade, 15. Goliant Roman, 13. Suroso, 5. Kasrun Taufik, 23. Gusto Bahoken, 8. Gustavo Lopez (C), 44. Sukadana, 19. Jimmy Suparno, 16.Gerry Setya, 2. Zainal Arifin.

Persisam - 2. Personal Usman, 4. Anga Diaz's son, 20. Luc Owana ZOA, 26. Djayusman Triasdi (c), 21. Supriono, 28. Ronald Fagundez, 8. Eka Ramdani, 13. Rashid Akbar, 22.Srdan Lopici, 10. Christian Gonzalez, 9. Jerry Bouma Karpeh.

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Bepe: I Choose ISL with all risks

"I know very well that really Persija it Persija which one," said Bambang Pamungkas.

Senior players, Bambang Pamungkas reaffirmed its commitment to remain costumed Persija under management of PT Jaya Jakarta Persija Paul's Ferry. The captain admitted that he would choose to play in competitions Indonesia Super League (ISL) 2011-12.

In the soft launching Persija in Senayan, Thursday, November 24, 2011, Bambang also dismissed the news that says if a player with back number 20 has been out of the question because Persija body dualism in the capital club. Bambang said, he will remain in Persija (Ferry Paul) and play in ISL though the risk is removed from the Indonesia national team.

"For me personally, the issue of ISL and IPL is a real dilemma. Should we really play in a league official under the PSSI. But with this condition, I chose to play in ISL with Persija. The reason I have chosen with care. Secondly, I do not willing to defend my team for 10 years didzolimi PSSI, "Bambang said firmly.

Bambang who has become an icon Persija over the past five years, said he understood the risks and consequences will he face by choosing to play in ISL. Moreover, PSSI chairman Djohar Arifin Husin has affirmed his position, threatening the players that play in ISL will not be used again in the national team squad.

"I chose to play in ISL at all costs. I know very well that really Persija Persija was which. I was ten at the club this season. I had a broken leg here, once depression here, never felt the champion, had been a top scorer with this team. And it's not easy. And I'll stay with this team. I will not leave the club in a state like this, "said Bambang.

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