Thursday, November 24, 2011

3 Players U-23 National Team Ready 'excommunicated' PSSI

"I know the risks. But I could not leave Persija," Hashim Kipuw.

Three retainer U-23 squad who became a hero SEA Games XXVI, Andritany Adhyaksa, Hasim Kipuw, and Ramdani Lestaluhu expressed his attitude to keep playing in the competition Indonesia Super League (ISL) 2011-12. All three will be diving competition with the club who raised them, Paul Ferry Persija version.

Although strongly opposed PSSI ISL know, but all three compact chose to take risks by remaining competing in ISL. Ramdani Lestaluhu said, would be sad because despite claims could no longer defend the national team, but his decision to continue support for Persija was unanimous.

"It must be sad if it should be removed from the national team because of problems like this. But this is the consequence. I want to defend Persija. Anyone want to defend the national team. Defending the nation and country. I also wanted to like it actually," said Ramdani in Persija soft launching ceremony on Thursday 24 November 2011.

The decision of three U-23 national team players are to remain competitive in the ISL recognized Hasim Kipuw will make them a career move into the senior national team will meet with obstacles. Moreover, PSSI has installed signs, banning players who competed in the national team squad ISL.

"I know the risks. But I can not leave this Persija. I grew up in amateur team Persija. I also always want to look for Persija," explains Kipuw.

Goalkeeper, Andritany Adhyaksa added, their desire to remain in Persija could not be separated from the love of three players to the club is owned by Paul Ferry. According to him, Persija which is the capital city club great had been instrumental in elevating their football careers.

"I own a large of Persija. Persija Growing up in amateur football. When I was able to do in football, of course I want to do for Persija. I do not regret it later if there is a risk that must be borne as I did major in Persija," he said.

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