Thursday, November 24, 2011

Joining the duo national team, Semen Padang Ready to face Persibo

The presence of two pillars "Garuda Youth", it reinforced the belief "Kabau Sirah" to jump on the competition Prima Liga Indonesia (LPI).

Semen Padang two players who recently completed duty to defend U-23 national team in the event the SEA Games, Ferdinand Alfred Sinaga and Abdul Rahman, Thursday afternoon arrived in Padang and joined his colleagues in the team Semen Padang FC. In the afternoon, both directly menngikuti practice session with Ellie Aiboy cs., In the Field Cubadak, Indarung Padang.

The presence of two pillars "Garuda Youth", it reinforced the belief "Kabau Sirah" to jump on the competition Prima Liga Indonesia (LPI), where on Sunday (27/11) Semen Padang will entertain at the Stadium Persibo Bojonegoro H. Agus Salim Padang.

Director of PT. Kabau Sirah Semen Padang (KSSP), Erizal Anwar confirmed that both players had joined his colleagues in Semen Padang. "Yes, Abul Rahman first arrived in Padang at around 9:30, followed by Ferdinand afternoon. They also have undergone training this afternoon," said Erizal Anwar, who was contacted Indonesia, were watching the practice sessions.

Joining the two players are expected to be a starter in every match squad Maizar Nile, the course will further complement the strength of Semen Padang. "Our hope joining the two new players this season, certainly bind us can add to our strength. Moreover, both are players who are ready to coach the team down," added Erizal.

While the Nile Maizar coach said his team is now primed and ready to play the game against Persibo. Although it claimed not to know in detail the strength of potential adversaries, the Nile remains wary of the team from East Java's. When in the Superliga and SP did not have time to try out the memebelot Persibo Indonesia to the Premier League. "In principle we are ready, we arrange training programs for this game went according to our wishes. We just implemented it in the field later." Nile said.

The coach who brought the SP finished fourth last season's Super League admitted not affected by the issue of competition dualism still not finished. "We focus mungurus team and technical problems only, others let the acts of management." Nile said.

Persibo itself, scheduled for Friday afternoon will arrive in Padang. The team nicknamed "Warriors of Angling Dharma" which is now dibesut foreign coach, Paulo Camargo is scheduled until around 15:30 pm.

Media officer Panpel SP cage match, Ronny said, while in Padang Samsul Arif et al., Will stay at the Hotel Mother. "From the information Persibo team managers, they set off on Friday 14.00 pm. They claim to bring 18 players," said Ronny.

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