Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Persib Bandung SEA Games XXVI Hunting Squad

Management acknowledged for help Arsenal U-23 national team coach, Rahmad Darmawan.

Persib Bandung not want to stop the poaching players ahead of the passing of Indonesia Super League (ISL) season 2011/2012. Even Maung Bandung plan ready hijack a number of players from the squad for U-23 National Team that had just fought in the SEA Games in 2011.

These Bandung Maung desire not impossible realized. Because management acknowledged for help Arsenal U-23 national team coach, Rahmad Darmawan, to hook the player from the squad Garuda Youth.

"I did ask for help from the RD to provide any input U-23 national team players that deserve to be recruited, particularly players whose status has not contracted to the club," explained manager Umuh Muchtar on the sidelines of the event gathered together at his residence in the village of Ciluluk, Sumedang, Wednesday, 23 November 2011.

From a number of names that inhabit the U-23 national team squad, Arsenal striker reportedly wanting View events, Titus Bonai, Patrich Wanggai (Persidafon Dafonsoro), Diego Michiels (Pelita Jaya Falkirk,) and Abdul Rahman (Semen Padang).

Even so, Umuh stated it was not the case for bringing the young squad of players from Indonesia. Because the majority of them, especially the core players, has been contracted to his club each.

"We certainly will be quite happy if there is between the U-23 national team players who want to join Arsenal," said Umuh again.

Choose the Relax Before ISL Begins

In addition to hunting players, Arsenal began to maintain the condition of the existing players. Especially in the opening schedule of ISL, Arsenal will face a serious opponent, Persiram King AMPA, t at the Stadium The starling Harupat, Soreang, 3 December.

To unwind, the squad Maung Bandung choose refreshing activities at the residence in the Village Ciluluk Umuh Muchtar, Sumedang District, Wednesday, November 23. Activities gathered together was intentionally done to avoid saturation of Management Persib Maung Bandung because not long enough to undergo the official match.

Almost the entire crew team, including coaches and the entire retainer Drago Mamic Arsenal participated in the activities of this relaxation. In addition to the meal, some of the retainer Maung Bandung was choosing fish fishing activities in the private fish pond's Umuh.

"Yes, these activities let the player deliberately done to avoid saturation. Moreover, the competition to stay a few days only, so all teams in order to create an atmosphere more conducive and compact," explained Umuh.

As per draft schedule released by PT. Liga Indonesia. After trying out Persiram, Maung Bandung will undergo heavy game facing FC, 7 December.

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