Thursday, November 24, 2011

Two Players Agree Mitra Kukar Select ISL

Supporters are also considerations Mitra Kukar choose to play in ISL.

Mitra Kukar Hamka Hamzah star seems to be one of management's primary considerations Mitra Kukar choose competition Indonesia Super League (ISL). Partner Manager Ronni Fauzan Kukar said he discussed with Mitra Kukar's captain. Hamka said if asked to choose, he would be anchored to the ISL.

"We would not choose wrong. Choices made ​​will impact the future and team games. The quality of the teams in the ISL become a major consideration," said Ronni.

Ronni said, greeting Hamka a point. He wanted to see the quality of the establishment of a competition team that actually contains the club qualified.
Not only ask for the opinion of the stars in the front lines, he also asked the opinion of Marcus Bent. Yes, Marcus Bent, the England striker who brought in new management that Mekes Dragon. And, the answer from Marcus Bent really make management more stable following the ISL.

"In fact, Marcus Bent who had started the season in Indonesia suggested that Mitra Kukar play in ISL," said Ronni.Roni also filter out the opinion of the Partner Mania. Sound in a variety of supporters, but the majority wanted to see clubs pride they compete in the ISL.

"We're capturing the input of many parties. The voice of the fans to be the main consideration," said Ronni. Mitra Kukar will start the journey in the ISL with the face of the host PSMS Medan, Sunday, December 4, 2011.

source : vivanews


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