Thursday, November 24, 2011

Win Penalty Shootout, Persisam to the Final

Great substitute goalkeeper Prasetyo become a hero for thwarting three Persela penalty.

Persisam Putra Samarinda ensure themselves into the final pre-season event, Inter Island Cup (IIC) 2011. They managed to beat Persela Lamongan in semifinal duel at the Mandala Stadium Jayapura, by a shootout that bekesudahan with a score of 3-1, Thursday, November 24, 2011.

In the first half Persisam appear more dominant. They controlled the ball more than the opponent's stronghold. A number of opportunities could be created, but unfortunately none of which can be converted into goals by the front row of the club nicknamed Eagle Borneo.
Meanwhile, Persela that continues to come under pressure to rely only on counterattacks.Until halftime score 0-0 still persist.

In the second half, both Persela Persisam equally well take the initiative to attack. One of those opportunities Persisam achieved on 58 minutes, unfortunately, hard kick Srdan Lopici still be ignored by the goalkeeper, Choirul Huda.

Persela who play more loose in the second half is capable of turning threatened by Zainal Arifin. Players numbered it back 2 kick off speculation from outside the penalty box, but can still be blocked by the goalkeeper, Usman Private.

Misfortune befall Persisam in the 70th minute. They were forced to play with 10 men because defender, Luc Owana ZOA, was sent off by referee Suharto after the incident involved with Gustavo Lopez.

Superior number of players, Persela turns dominating the game. Attack after attack continued to flow into the area of ​​defense Persisam. But none of these efforts to foster children Miroslav Janu that produce concrete results until the second round is completed.

The game then continued with penalties. Persisam coach's decision, substitute goalkeeper Daniel Roekito Usman Prasetyo Supreme Person with very precise. He came out as the hero of the victory because it managed to thwart the execution of three players Persela, Gustavo Lopez, Gerry Setya and Zainal Arifin. The match eventually won by Persisam with a score of 3-1.

The composition of players:
Persela - 1. Choirul Huda, 17. Danu Rosade, 15. Goliant Roman, 13. Suroso, 5. Kasrun Taufik, 23. Gusto Bahoken, 8. Gustavo Lopez (C), 44. Sukadana, 19. Jimmy Suparno, 16.Gerry Setya, 2. Zainal Arifin.

Persisam - 2. Personal Usman, 4. Anga Diaz's son, 20. Luc Owana ZOA, 26. Djayusman Triasdi (c), 21. Supriono, 28. Ronald Fagundez, 8. Eka Ramdani, 13. Rashid Akbar, 22.Srdan Lopici, 10. Christian Gonzalez, 9. Jerry Bouma Karpeh.

source : vivanews


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