Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bepe: Quiet Stadium, Evidence Disappointment Supporters

"The atmosphere of the stadium today (Tuesday) to prove that the public was disappointed."

Stunning scenery looks at the Bung Karno Main Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia during the senior national team in qualifiers Iran host the 2014 World Cup Asian zone, Tuesday, November 15, 2011. Last night, almost all grandstand seats seemed no man's land.
Unusually, the stands packed with fans who often SUGBK Red and White looks very empty. The fact is allegedly due to the lovers of football country was already disappointed with the series of failures in the national team stage the 2014 World Cup qualifying zone of Asia.
Recorded in five qualifying Group E match, the team made by Wim Rijsbergen has not even earned points for always suffer defeat. Last night, the squad defeated 1-4 Garuda returned from Iran with the goal mere puppet created by the team captain, Bambang Pamungkas.
Indonesia has certainly failed to move into the fourth round, after silenced Qatar with four goals without reply, on 11 November. These results are considered as the main drivers of declining enthusiasm supporters, who now prefer to watch U-23 national team competing in the SEA Games XXVI.
"The atmosphere of the stadium today (Tuesday) to prove that the public was disappointed," said bepe after the match.
"Football is tested and we are all devastated. To deal with class teams of Iran, Bahrain and Qatar, it takes quality as a team and we do not have it, "regret bepe, recorded already recorded 42 goals for the national team.
Furthermore, bepe disappointment supporters responded that led to a demand from the coaching chair Wim withdrawal. According to the captain Persija, the failure of national team coach is not the responsibility alone, but also the entire team, even PSSI board.
"I do not want to be the first to defend Wim. But I admit it's hard to change teams in the league five months the condition is not running. So it is not easy to face World Cup Pre-class event, especially against Iran, Bahrain and Qatar, "he concluded.

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