Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pengprov 24th Annual Congress urges PSSI degree

These demands are stated in an official letter submitted to the Secretary General of PSSI, Tri Goestoro.

A total of 24 Provincial Board (Pengprov) PSSI PSSI urged to immediately deploy the Annual Congress. This step aims to resolve problems that occur related to the implementation of national competition.

National competition is threatened split in two. Each consisting of Indonesian Premier League (IPL) under the control of PT Indonesia Prima Liga Sportindo (LPIS) and the Indonesia Super League (ISL) under PT Premier Indonesia.

Do not want the situation worse, as many as 24 Pengprov PSSI board decided to meet PSSI center. Through a formal letter given to the Secretary General of PSSI, Tri Goestoro, they urged the PSSI to hold an annual congress.

"Because if allowed to continue like this will lead to a conflict that is not mediated. So there must be an official forum to bridge the PSSI board, the whole club and provincial administrators," said Chairman Pengprov PSSI Southeast Sulawesi, Sabarudin Labamba, Wednesday, November 23, 2011.

"We hope to soon be implemented no later than the annual Congress of January 20, 2012. Suapaya problem became clear and clean up the existing debate," he added.

According Sabarudin this recommendation is as a form of caring and concerned Pengprov-Pengprov PSSI. They assess the conditions there are not harmonized among the bigwigs PSSI especially between the Chairman of the Executive Committee and the management ranks of PSSI that have been selected on the outbreak last July.

"Forum (24 Pengprov) this is not a form of treason. But this is a forum to oversee the PSSI so can be trusted organization and running by the rules that exist," he concluded.

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